Horticulture Industry Network

The Horticulture Industry Network (HIN) is an initiative aimed at strengthening working partnerships between DPI and the horticulture industry to deliver better services to farmers;

  • DPI and industry co-funding allows Industry Development Officers (IDOs) to deliver projects which address the specific needs identified by each industry and increase their ability to respond to issues such as low water availability, climate variability and biosecurity.
  • IDOs work within their industries and associations but have direct access to DPI research and support services;
  • DPI supports the Horticulture Industry Network by providing secretariat, communications and practice change support and ensuring the horticultural community stays informed of the latest R&D.

Resource Library

The HIN catalogue has been designed to provide growers and service providers easy access to horticulture relevant information to assist them. The resource library is being continually updated.

You simply select a key word/words and they type of file you would like to search to begin your search.

Ensure to search a variety of resources other than documents, they are very useful and easy to use. Types of files you may search include;

  • Notes
  • Audio
  • Posters
  • Reports
  • LinkPak (links to a group of sites with information relevant to the one topic)
  • LitPak (selection of literature centred on one topic)
  • Tools (Simple programs or spreadsheet assisting with simple farm calculations)
  • Video
  • Manual
  • Newsletter

You can refine your search by adding more key words, for example if your search for ”water” returns too many results try adding extra words to refine your search for example ”water +stonefruit” or “water +stonefruit +irrigation”.

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