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Export registrations

Login to the ATGA portal to register for export to China, Vietnam, Taiwan or Thailand

2024 Registrations – Summary of changes (brief)

  • Vietnam plums – bilateral meeting due in July. We hope plums will be signed off at then.  However, if you wish to prepare in case we get access this season, please register plums and start trapping and monitoring.  We have done our best to anticipate what Vietnam will want in terms of pest control so you can meet requirements – refer to the crop monitoring pages for summaries. There is no guarantee that this is correct.
  • Registering packhouses – third party packhouse refers to when fruit is sent out for contract packing. DO NOT tick “third party packhouse” if you pack your own fruit.  Failure to do this can lead to your issues with packhouse registration.
  • IF your packhouse has a different SF-number to your orchard, please complete 2 separate applications.  That is, one SF number per business, per application please. Failure to do this could lead to issues with packhouse registration.
  • The Growfruit app makes crop monitoring simple.  Carob moth is a new pest for Vietnam (amongst others) and the app calculates the number of degree days to egg hatch as required in the Vietnam protocol.  Use of the app is mandatory for crop monitors. Please view the video below and refer to the crop monitoring section to get started.
  • We continue to see MRL violations.  Please download the MRL app and ensure you meet export market MRLs.  If you cannot avoid using certain chemicals, let us know and we may be able to determine an extended withholding period.
  • Full details of changes in the videos below. Have a great season.

Registration resources

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