Board Members

Andrew Finlay


Andrew is located South east Queensland’ s trap rock country near Stanthorpe producing all varieties of stonefruit at the Pikes Creek Orchard.

Pikes Creek Homestead, MS 312 Stanthorpe, QLD

Adrian Conti

Deputy Chair

Adrian and the Conti family own and operate a 100 hectare of orchards in CobramVictoria and near Griffith NSW. The Cobram property has been in the Contifamily for more than fifty five years, and the Griffith property was developed by him and his father, Joe Conti a former board member of SAL which will commence production this harvest season. Adrian’s family grows apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums, apples and pears; all sold for domestic and export markets. Adrian has embraced the challenge to provide a positive representation for growers in relation to the major issues confronting industry; water for irrigation, coping with the present difficult economic times and accessing export markets. Also, importantly ensuring that his generation of growers are kept well informed about the issues affecting the Summerfruit industry as a whole, making for a viable and sustainable future.

Mick Young

KA & AM Young P/L Woorinen VIC

Mike Oakley

Mike joins the SAL Board from a consultancy background based around quality control systems, food safety, cold chain management and training. He has recently taken over the daily management of the JW Kirkwood group’s Tasmanian orchard in the Coal River valley, near Hobart. This orchard has 94,000 producing tree’s that include apricots, peaches, plums, cherries and a recent planting of 4,500 new varietal apple trees. Along the way Mike has successfully developed some value added products such as chutneys and ice cream flavourings from reject fruit. Mike’s Industry focus is on quality assurance coupled to marketing. He sees a strong need for strategic knowledge such production detail in order to successfully develop marketing campaigns.

Jason Size

Jason is a dedicated stonefruit orchardist in the Riverland of South Australia. He currently manages his own, Bookpurnong Fruits and wife’s family orchard, which is now coming into the 4 th generation of family members. Jason’s main activities in the last few years has been in varietal assessment and evaluations for various nurseries and Quality Fruit Marketing P/L. “ In 2004 we saw the need to look more closely at the varieties that were coming into Australia to get a better understanding of their characteristics before considering any large scale planting.” Jason hopes to be a valuable member of the new SAL board as well as a representative from his state association to ensure industry develops in a positive direction.

PO Box 696 Berri South Australia 5343

Robert Taddei

Taddei Orchards - Gin Gin

Scott Coupland

Yarrawa Fruits Pty Ltd NSW