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Varieties and Seasons

Natural, Clean and Green Message

Australia produces high quality summer stonefruit under ‘clean and green’ supply conditions and is free from some of the world’s major agricultural and aquatic pests and diseases. This ‘clean and green’ status provides Australia with a major trading advantage and access to overseas markets – essential to the economy because Australia exports around 75% of its agricultural products.

The Horticulture Industry Programs managed through Horticulture Australia, the industry owned company funded by industry levies and government, provides research and marketing services that ultimately drive quality products to market by addressing issues in disciplines such as plant breeding programs, on farm and post harvest handling, Integrated Pest Management, Food Safety and Environmental Management, domestic and international market research and Export Market Development.

The Australian summer stonefruit industry strives to maintain its ‘clean and green’ status. Chemical use is minimised and markets concerned about the use of agro-chemicals can be confident that Australian summer stonefruit is produced to the highest standards for reduced pesticide use.