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Export strategy and marketing

Export Market Strategy

  • China, Taiwan and Vietnam were identified as having the largest potential to increase export volume and value growth.
  • Expansion markets are those for which Summerfruit does not currently have access but are considered valuable prospective markets.  USA, Japan and NZ were prioritised as they offer significant growth opportunities beyond existing markets.  Market access applications for these markets are in process.
  • The report was written by KPMG with input from industry and funded by Hort Innovation.
  • Export Strategy 2023

Understanding International Consumer Demand

  • Through surveys, Kantar identified 3 strategic priority markets that represent the most attractive and appealing export opportunity for Australian summerfruit, based on consumer preference and behaviour.  These were India, Indonesia and the UAE.
  • The project was written by Kantar and funded by Hort Innovation.
  •  The Summerfruit category and individual country reports are confidential. If you wish to receive a copy,please  apply here.  Access will be manually approved by Hort Innovation.

Country specific information


  • China remains a priority market due to its size, being the single biggest market for Australian Summerfruit.  Further export growth for Australian summerfruit growers can be underpinned by high domestic consumption (15.4kg pa) (KPMG, 2023).
  • Fumigation and cold treatment


  • Priority market due to strong growth potential, underpinned by growth of summerfruit imports and domestic consumption of summerfruit. Taiwanese consumers also demonstrate a high willingness to pay for premium quality summerfruit (Export Strategy, 2023)
  • PFA or cold treatment for peaches and nectarines. No access for peaches and plums at present


  • Growth potential arises from recent market access and the proximity of plum access.  Currently, there are no other southern hemisphere exports with access to Vietnam, providing Australia with a strong opportunity to establish a dominant market share before competitors gain access (South Africa & Chile).
  • Market access via Irradiation and cold treatment for nectarines and peaches. Plums pending, likely 2024-25.
  • Vietnam Insights Webinar, October 2023 – view video here
  • Vietnam Insights Powerpoint PDF – download here


  • Despite the low income per capita, India represents a strong export opportunity for Summerfruits given the sizable population and high willingness to pay and Australian appeal (Kantar, 2023).
  • PFA, cold treatment, fumigation


  • Indonesia has a low income per capita, but sizeable population and strong potential for Australian/ premium quality product with a high claimed willingness to pay (Kantar, 2023).
  • PFA, cold treatment, fumigation


  • With a high per capita income and strong category penetration the UAE presents a strong opportunity for Summerfruits (Kantar 2023).
  • No phytosanitary treatments required.

Videos – market insights and information

China 2021

Indonesian - 2021

India - 2021

Pending market access


  • Large market size and high potential price points. LBAM is expected to be is expected to be deregulated.  Summerfruit exports to the USA have been increasing since 2020, providing potentially increased market opportunities (Export Strategy 2023). Next market to be negotiated.


  • Japan was prioritised in the Export Strategy due to market size and potential price points and well developed supply chain infrastructure and capabilities

New Zealand

  • New Zealand was prioritised in the Export Strategy due to perceived closeness of achieving market access and strong consumption potential relative to market size. Market access process to begin in 2024 with NZ conducting an import health standard assessment.